whenever 状语从句讲解:whenever引导的两类状语从句



  引导让步状语从句,表示“无论何时”,相当于 at whatever time, no matter when等。如:

  Whenever I see him, he’s reading. 我无论什么时癫痫病吃药期还发作是怎么回事候看到他,他都在看书。

  Whenever I go to London I try to see Vieky. 我什么时候去伦敦,都设法去看看维基。

  Whenever you come, you are welcome. 你什么时候来,我们都欢迎。



  The roof leaks whenever it rains. 这屋顶一下雨就漏。

  I go to the theatre whenever I get the chance.什么是腹痛型癫病 一有机会我就去看戏。

  Whenever I mention playing football, he says he’s too busy. 我一跟他提踢足球的事, 他就说太忙。


  Whenever (it is) possib河南轻微癫痫医院le, he goes to see her. 只要有可能,他就去看她。

  Robbie had arranged for this man to come whenever needed. 罗比安排好,随时需要这人就可以来。